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UKSSH helps lift Bristol City FC to new heights!

UKSSH helps lift Bristol City FC to new heights!

Bristol City FC Ashton Gate Stadium is undergoing a £40m re-development. The renovation to the Dolman Stand is set to increase the capacity of the stadium from 21,497 to 26,000 seats. The Wedlock and Williams stands are being replaced by new stands. 

In order for games to continue to be enjoyed by fans at the stadium, access to the stands above the renovation works was required.

Working with UK System Scaffold Hire, ASM chose the HAKI Public Access Stair for the project.

Due to the timing of the project around a number of football and rugby events set to be held in the Stadium the stairs had to be built and dismantled quickly to allow works to continue.

The scaffolders from ASM had to be fully knowledgeable of the new product in order to be proficient in the build to avoid any potential delays.

In conjunction with UKSSH, HAKI provided an instructor on-site to train the scaffolders from ASM on how to build the new HAKI Public Access Stair.

This enabled ASM to build and dismantle the stairs efficiently to allow for drainage works as part of the renovation.


The slip resistant treads and 1.6m wide stairs provided safe access to the stands for the many fans attending matches at the stadium including the sell-out FA Cup match against West Ham. The HAKI Public Access Stairs designed specifically for the pedestrian use gave a comfortable 31° incline and with landings every 2.5m ensured that the walk up to the stands was not a strain.

Choosing to hire the HAKI Public Access Stairs from UK System Scaffold Hire allowed ASM Scaffolding to be flexible to the contractors needs and project schedule. ASM provided a set of stairs delivering easy and comfortable access for fans attending games during the renovation works.

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